Texas Finest Stagner Steak Rub

In the late 1800s, the pioneering spirit took hold of Jack Stagner, compelling him to make his way from Kentucky to, (not surprisingly), Pioneer, Texas.

That's where he began to carve out a living as a cattle rancher, realizing his dream of providing a good living for his family in Texas. Life was hard, but with enthusiasm and hard work, he built a successful ranching operation that continues in our family today. Stagner Steak Rub was born from this same commitment to family, hard work and making dreams a reality. We are as determined as Jack was to create something we can be immensely proud of; something that will stand the test of time and bring enjoyment to others. We believe we've accomplished that with our products.

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Stagner Steak Rub

Enhances the natural flavor of the meat without a bunch of bull. This rub will forever change the way you eat steak. Made by hand in small batches with premium ingredients, it's great on steak, tenderloin, roasts and burgers.