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Brisket+Ancho Combo 16oz.

Start cooking steaks with one of our best selling combinations from Lane's BBQ!

Gentry's Beef Brigade BBQ Rub 6oz.

Beef Brigade gives remarkable bark to your briskets and amazing crust on seared steaks.

Gentry's Ham Bone BBQ Seasoning 5.28oz.

Ham Bone will make your Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter hams stand out!

Gentry's Smoke Stack BBQ Rub 6oz.

Smoke Stack is an all-purpose BBQ rub with a little kick!

Hardcore Carnivore: Amplify 4.6oz.

TURN THE FLAVOR UP TO 11 with Amplify by Jess Pryles!

Hardcore Carnivore: Black 6.25oz.

Meet Hardcore Carnivore: Black - steak & meat seasoning rub.