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Alfresco - 14" Pot Filler Tower 10" ~ 14" adjustable - AGVPC-T10

Stainless Steel Pot Filler Tower 10" - 14" Adjustable

Alfresco - 30-Inch Insulated Grill Jacket - AIJ-30

30" Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket, Self-rimming Design, for Alx230 Grill

Alfresco - 30-Inch Pizza Prep Cart - ALF-PZA-PPC

ALFPZAPPC Prep Cart for pizza oven

Alfresco - 36-Inch Insulated Grill Jacket - AIJ-36

Stainless Steel 36" Insulated Jacket For Alx236 Grill

Alfresco - 42-Inch Insulated Grill Jacket - AIJ-42

42" Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket, Self-rimming Design, Insulated Jacket For Alx242 Grill

Alfresco - 56" Insulated Grill Jacket - AIJ-56

56" Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket, Self-rimming Design, Insulated Jacket For Alx256 Grill

Alfresco - Bottle Opener w/ Cap Catch & Towel Rack - BO

Bottle Opener / Towel Rack Model # BO

Alfresco - Commercial Dual Supply Pantry Faucet - PANTRY FAUCET

Commercial Dual Pantry Faucet Model # PANTRY FAUCET

Alfresco - Commercial Pre-Rinse Faucet - PRE-RSE

Pre-Rinse Faucet Model # PRE-RSE

Alfresco - Condiment Tray - CT

Condiment Tray Model # CT

Alfresco - Display Shelf - DS

Display Shelf Model # DS

Alfresco - High Shelf w/ Pot Rack & Light - PR-30

High Shelf w/ Pot Rack Model # PR-30

Alfresco - Ice Pan - 6" deep -Stainless Steel - ICE PAN


Alfresco - Plate & Garnish Rail w/ Food Pans - APS-30P

lfresco 30-inch plate and garnish rail with food pans restaurant-inspired

Alfresco - Pot Filler Faucet w/Double Joint Spout - POT FAUCET

Stainless Steel Pot Filler Faucet w/ Double Joint Spout

Alfresco - Speed Rail - Small - SPR-SM

Speed Rail Small Model # SPR-SM

Alfresco - Stainless Steel Colander - 4" Deep - COLANDER

Stainless Steel Colander Model # COLANDER

Alfresco - Versa Sink S/S Cover - SC-30

Versa Sink Cover Model # SC-30

Alfresco 30" Pizza Prep & Garnish Rail W/ Food Pans APS-30PPC

This Alfresco pizza preparation and garnish rail offers the best cooking experience

Alfresco Blender Shelf BS

Blender Shelf Model # BS

American Muscle Grill 36-Inch Liner - AMG36-GL

$799.99 $999.99
Protect your outdoor kitchen with a AMG insulated jacket. This insulating jacket provides the protection you need to ensure a safe and reliable entertaining space for years to come. Custom made to fit American Muscle Grill 36-inch gas grills, this insulating jacket features double-lined 304 stainless steel construction for maximum strength and protection, stainless steel mounting bracket, and matching sleek design. It also protects the chassis of your built-in grill from corrosion, adding to the longevity of your grill.

Artisan - Insulating Jacket for 32" Grill - ART-IJ32

Artisan 32-inch insulated jacket is required to use around grills if islands are built from combustible materials.

Blaze 16-Inch Paper Towel Holder - BLZ-PTH-R

Blaze 16-Inch Paper Towel Holder - BLZ-PTH-R: This Blaze paper towel holder features commercial grade 304 stainless steel construction to withstand outdoor elements and a unique completely rounded bevel design that enhances strength and durability.