Hardcore Carnivore

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Cook Meat Like You Mean It

Hardcore Carnivore's Cook Meat Like You Mean It 224 pages

Hardcore Carnivore: Amplify 4.6oz.

TURN THE FLAVOR UP TO 11 with Amplify by Jess Pryles!

Hardcore Carnivore: Black 6.25oz.

Meet Hardcore Carnivore: Black - steak & meat seasoning rub.

Hardcore Carnivore: Camo 5.5oz.

CAMO adds incredible flavor to lamb and game meats, with exotic notes of coriander and fragrant spices and just the right amount of salt.

Hardcore Carnivore: Red 6.25oz.

Meet Hardcore Carnivore: Red. A product designed specifically to give your butts, ribs and roasts and incredible bright red finish.