Europe´s leading independent salt distributor has been trading salt since 1830

Our long experience and deep knowledge of salt are put to use in our three business areas; De-Icing Solutions, Retail and Foods (Falksalt) and Agro/Industri/Water. Our offices in Sweden (HQ), UK, Germany, Poland and China employ more than 100. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. 

Our focus on product development, great quality and a high level of delivery dependability has given Falksalt a 65% market share in the Swedish consumer market and our sea salt flakes are now sold in more than 20 countries.

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Falksalt Chipotle 4.4oz

Turn up the heat with Chipotle. It imparts a spicy bite on any type of meat or poultry, it's even more exciting with fish and salads, potatoes and vegetable dishes. Try it on popcorn next time, or why not add it as an ingredient to your butter?

Falksalt Citron Crystal Salt 4.4oz

Sprinkle Falksalt Crystal Flakes Citron on a baking tray and layer your fish on top (haddock, salmon, pike-perch or any fish you like). Bake in the oven and prepare for spectacular lemon baked fish without adding fat or burning the fish. Be daring!

Falksalt Lime 4.4oz

A member of the citrus family, like the lemon, the lime is rarely used as a whole fruit. Instead, Falksalt use it's unique characteristics to add flavor to food, either by using the peel or the juice of the fruit. Citrus fruits perform particularly well in baked goods as the acidity of the fruit counterbalances the sweetness of the dessert or pastry. As with saltiness, the tang of citrus can be used to cut through the sensation of sweetness. Few people are aware of the fact that the acidity of citrus fruits is the perfect antidote to a sauce that is too bitter or in dishes that include cabbage, which has an inherently pungent flavor. In other words, it has similar properties to salt and the salty flavor it imparts.

Falksalt Natural 4.4ozoz

Falksalt Natural variety is the foundation of Falksalt Crystal Flakes. It's manufactured the same way as all Crystal Flakes sea salt flakes. They evaporate pure sea water until there's very little left but salt. They clean the solution and then let it simmer in large pans until flakes emerge. Carefully raked out by hand, it is then sealed in Falksalt's unique packaging.

Falksalt Pepper Salt 4.4oz

Black pepper is a popular spice and used in most forms of cooking and food preparation. When it comes to using both salt and pepper in cooking, most people tend to use them inappropriately. Both salt and black pepper enhance the flavors of a dish best if added during the final stages of cooking. The aroma of black pepper becomes impaired if boiled in a pot or baked in the oven for a long period of time. The perfect solution, then, is to sprinkle Falksalt S&P crystal flakes over the dish before the final tasting and then use it when serving. This will enhance the flavors and present them at their best!

Falksalt Rosemary 4.4oz

Try this delectable salt with veal, chicken or lamb. Slice the grilled meat and sprinkle Falksalt Crystal Flakes Rosemary over it and the rosemary aroma will penetrate deep inside the meat. With potatoes, chicken or even bread, just sprinkle on top before roasting or baking.

Falksalt Smoke 4.4oz

Bring an unexpected embellishment of flavour to seemingly ordinary foods. Chicken, steaks, hamburger, ribs, or even your own barbecue sauce tastes wonderful with a smoked hickory aroma. Be creative and add our Smoke variety to fries or popcorn for a whole new twist. The adventurous cook should oven-roast leeks with Falksalt Crystal Flakes Smoke to be rewarded with an extraordinary flavour combination.

Falksalt Wild Garlic 4.4oz

The fresh, zingy taste and aroma of Falksalt Wild Garlic Crystal Flakes allows you to make a masterpiece out of every dish. Dress your steak, roasted vegetables, or baked potato with a sprinkle of Wild Garlic flakes. Dust Wild Garlic over mashed potatoes for a hint of flavour. Use Falksalt Wild Garlic as an easy alternative to crushed garlic.