Dexter Russell Cutlery

Is a division of Husing Group of Companies (HGOC), Inc. established in 2003. HGOC was initiated as an automotive advertising company helping auto dealers market vehicles online. Over time, HGOC offered more products and services to the automotive sector and started branching out into real estate ventures. After acquiring properties and businesses, HGOC started liquidating business assets and selling online - implementing the automotive advertising strategies. Over many years of advertising, consulting and selling online, it was time for HGOC to get into the new product sales business. In 2015, with the acquisition of Fishbone Knives, many opportunities were presented. With the distribution channel of Dexter Russell Inc, a manufacturing company, came Dexter Russell Cutlery - full product line of Dexter Russell Inc. 

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Dexter Russell Basics 6” Wide Boning Knife

Thin and sharp, the boning knife is the go to blade for removing bones from meat and skinning fish. There are several types of boning knives that make different tasks much easier. When cutting tough meat like beef and pork use a stiff boner and use a flexible boner for poultry and fish. When working close and around the bone, a curved boning knife will give you a better working angle. Lastly, a narrow boning knife is great for boning ribs and meat chops while you would use a wide boning knife for chicken and pork.