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BBQ Sauces & Seasonings

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Honey Bacon BBQ Rub by Meat Church 14oz.

This has to be the best tasting rub poured right in your hand!

Honey Hog by Meat Church

This BBQ rub comes from our southern upbringing. This sweet rub is excellent on pork ribs, pulled pork, poultry and vegetables. You can apply it to anything you like and the color is amazing

Honey Hog HOT by Meat Church

This BBQ rub says, "I was born in the south, but moved to Texas when I was 13!!" This rub is an offshoot of our popular Honey Hog with Jalapeño added. This sweet\heat rub is excellent on pork ribs, pulled pork, poultry and fish. Combine it with Honey Hog BBQ and you have a lethal combo for ribs that is making waves all over the competition circuit.

House Divided 2.0 16oz.

IT's BACK!!! House Divided 2.0 is a flavor collision between Lane's BBQ's Q-NAMI and Four 41 South Monk McGuire's Honeysuckle dust.

Ink Garlic Lemongrass infused Soy Sauce 8oz.

Subtly Sweet In a word, "fresh" Our naturally flavored Lemongrass Soy Sauce has a bright, mild flavor – with a great aroma that not only awakens your sense of smell, but also your sense of adventure. It’s so good, you may as well grab two.

Ink Garlic Sesame infused Soy Sauce 8oz

Rich & Savory What's not to love. If you love garlic and sesame, this could be habit forming. Our Garlic Sesame Infused Soy Sauce is a perfect balance of flavors. Just the right amount of garlic and sesame brings a bold, nutty complexity to every drop.

Ink Ginger Sesame infused Soy Sauce 8oz.

Sweet & Savory Just a bit of "snap". Our Ginger Sesame Infused Soy Sauce is a perfect blend of cooked ginger and understated toasted sesame, with just enough kick to get your attention. Add it to your favorite dish for a complex layer of flavors.

Ink Orange Chili infused Soy Sauce 8oz.

Sweet Citrus Intensity Zesty, citrusy, family-friendly goodness. Our Orange Chili Infused Soy Sauce is a unique, flavorful experience that everyone will love. Intoxicating sweet citrus gently tickles your nose and taste buds, while just a hint of spice balances it out.

Ink Thai Chili infused Soy Sauce 8oz.

Robust Heat Get ready. Because this one brings the heat. Incredibly flavorful and packing a punch, our Thai Chili Flavored Soy Sauce is not for sissies. Wake up any dish with just a dash – or let it pour for a powerfully tasty experience.

Ink Wasabi infused Soy Sauce 8oz.

Balanced Savory Heat You know what that means This one’s a hotty. Made with honest-to-goodness real wasabi, our Wasabi Infused Soy Sauce doesn’t mess around. It’s got robust flavor with intense heat that’ll give you a tongue-lashing, followed by a nice hit to the nose.

John Henry Chicken Tickler 11oz

A balance of Herb and Garlic Pepper that makes it another winner.

John Henry Mojave Garlic Pepper 12oz.

A moderate hint of garlic and peppers has winner written all over it.

John Henry Nedra D's Hickory 11oz.

The flavor is distinct and you can enjoy the flavor without the hassle.

John Henry Pecan Rub 11.5oz.

The #1 selling rub seasoning, once a regional product. Very good on pork, poultry or fish.

John Henry Pecan Rub 26oz.

TEXAS SIZED! The #1 selling rub seasoning, once a regional product. Very good on pork, poultry or fish.

John Henry Sugar Maple 12oz.

The great smell of smoked maple wood, the smell is intoxicating.

John Henry Texas Brisket Rub 11oz.

Use this rub along with our brisket marinade for an award-winning feast.

John Henry Texas Pig Rub 11oz.

This rub is a winner of cook-offs, across the nation a blend for the ages.

Lane’s Ancho Espresso Rub 4oz.

Lane’s Ancho Expresso rub is our most unique & creative.

Lane’s BBQ Signature Rub 4.6oz.

Lane’s Signature rub is great on everything!

Lane’s Garlic2 Rub 4oz.

We dare you to find a rub with more garlic flavor!

Lane’s Q-Nami Rub 4.6oz.

Lane’s Q-NAMI rub is a unique fusion of BBQ and Asian cuisine

Lane’s Signature Brine 20oz.

Signature brine is perfect turkey, pork and chicken.

Lane’s SPF 53 Rub 4.6oz.

Lane’s SPF 53 rub is the perfect rub for any heat seekers.