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Falksalt Pepper Salt 4.4oz

Black pepper is a popular spice and used in most forms of cooking and food preparation. When it comes to using both salt and pepper in cooking, most people tend to use them inappropriately. Both salt and black pepper enhance the flavors of a dish best if added during the final stages of cooking. The aroma of black pepper becomes impaired if boiled in a pot or baked in the oven for a long period of time. The perfect solution, then, is to sprinkle Falksalt S&P crystal flakes over the dish before the final tasting and then use it when serving. This will enhance the flavors and present them at their best!

Falksalt Rosemary 4.4oz

Try this delectable salt with veal, chicken or lamb. Slice the grilled meat and sprinkle Falksalt Crystal Flakes Rosemary over it and the rosemary aroma will penetrate deep inside the meat. With potatoes, chicken or even bread, just sprinkle on top before roasting or baking.

Falksalt Smoke 4.4oz

Bring an unexpected embellishment of flavour to seemingly ordinary foods. Chicken, steaks, hamburger, ribs, or even your own barbecue sauce tastes wonderful with a smoked hickory aroma. Be creative and add our Smoke variety to fries or popcorn for a whole new twist. The adventurous cook should oven-roast leeks with Falksalt Crystal Flakes Smoke to be rewarded with an extraordinary flavour combination.

Falksalt Wild Garlic 4.4oz

The fresh, zingy taste and aroma of Falksalt Wild Garlic Crystal Flakes allows you to make a masterpiece out of every dish. Dress your steak, roasted vegetables, or baked potato with a sprinkle of Wild Garlic flakes. Dust Wild Garlic over mashed potatoes for a hint of flavour. Use Falksalt Wild Garlic as an easy alternative to crushed garlic.

Fat Henry' Classic by Four 41 South

Fat Henry' Classic Beef and Pork Rub by Four 41 South

Hardcore Carnivore Amplify

TURN THE FLAVOR UP TO 11 with the latest from Jess Pryles!

Hardcore Carnivore Black

Meet Hardcore Carnivore: Black - steak & meat seasoning rub.

Holy Cow Brisket Injection by Meat Church

Holy Cow Brisket Injection by Meat Church 1 lb resealable bag

Honey Hog by Meat Church

This BBQ rub comes from our southern upbringing. This sweet rub is excellent on pork ribs, pulled pork, poultry and vegetables. You can apply it to anything you like and the color is amazing

Honey Hog HOT by Meat Church

This BBQ rub says, "I was born in the south, but moved to Texas when I was 13!!" This rub is an offshoot of our popular Honey Hog with Jalapeño added. This sweet\heat rub is excellent on pork ribs, pulled pork, poultry and fish. Combine it with Honey Hog BBQ and you have a lethal combo for ribs that is making waves all over the competition circuit.

House Divided 2.0 16oz.

IT's BACK!!! House Divided 2.0 is a flavor collision between Lane's BBQ's Q-NAMI and Four 41 South Monk McGuire's Honeysuckle dust.

Lane’s Ancho Espresso Rub 4oz.

Lane’s Ancho Expresso rub is our most unique & creative.

Lane’s BBQ Signature Rub 4.6oz.

Lane’s Signature rub is great on everything!

Lane’s Garlic2 Rub 4oz.

We dare you to find a rub with more garlic flavor!

Lane’s Q-Nami Rub 4.6oz.

Lane’s Q-NAMI rub is a unique fusion of BBQ and Asian cuisine

Lane’s Signature Brine 20oz.

Signature brine is perfect turkey, pork and chicken.

Lane’s SPF 53 Rub 4.6oz.

Lane’s SPF 53 rub is the perfect rub for any heat seekers.

Lane’s Sweet Heat Rub 4oz.

Lane’s Sweet Heat rub is everything BBQ is all about!

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Chef Milton's Lemon Pepper Seasoning 4.5oz.

Lime & Cilantro Sea Salt

Chef Milton's Atlantic Sea Salt with Lime & Cilantro 5.5oz.

Monk McGuire's Honeysuckle Dust

Monk McGuire's Honeysuckle Dust by Four 41 South

Obie-Cue Celebration

Celebration tastes like a powdered pot roast, featuring mellow beefy flavor with broad tones of celery, garlic, and onion. Marvelous on chicken, pork, any vegetable, salads, soups and stews. A tablespoon in a cup of sour cream makes an excellent dip, and it's the secret ingredient in Pat's famous Bloody Mary's, (as a public service we put her recipe on the label!).

Pepper Melange Salt-Free Seasoning

Chef Milton's Smoked Pepper Melange 3oz. (Salt Free)

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