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Filet Mignon...nuff said...

posted by Brian Rush

Looking for something special to cook? Want to impress that lady in your life? Or the potential lady? Or maybe you have her parents coming in town and you need to show the Father-in-law that you can command the grill? Grill this culinary juggernaut and he will offer quiet respect that he cannot deny. And the new lady…she will undoubtedly be yours after this parade of grilling greatness hits her taste buds! This is the type of meal, though simple in its ingredients, will touch the stomach…and, in turn, embed itself in the heart of those who partake…FOREVER! Remember…the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach!

IMPORTANT...Don’t compromise on cooking temperature…this steak is intended to be cooked between medium-rare and medium ONLY. If someone asks you to cook this well done, either convince them to trust you, or scrap it and get them a cheap steak. Cooking a good steak past medium kills everything great about it, and a true grill man only serves it correctly.

Serving for 2 


2 Prime Filet Mignon Steaks(1 1/2” Butcher cut) from Matador Meat and Wine of Plano, TX
Kosher Salt
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
½ tsp. Minced Garlic
Side Salad

Hassselback Potatoes:
2 Russet Potatoes (6 to 8 ounces each)
1-2 tbsp. fresh-grated Parmesan Cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano)
2 tbsp. fine bread crumbs
2 tablespoons butter (melted), divided
1/4 teaspoon paprika
Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoons minced fresh parsley (garnish), optional

Fuel and Tools: Charcoal Grilling

Lazarri Mesquite Lump Charcoal (available at Premier Grilling)
Weber Mesquite Wood Chunks (available at Premier Grilling)
Weber Starter Cubes (available at Premier Grilling)
Weber Chimney Starter (available at Premier Grilling)
Grill Grates Kit (available at Premier Grilling)


OutKast – Player's Ball
Love and Theft - Angel Eyes
Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Cold Beverage:

Makers Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Handmade Whisky


1) Prep the potatoes – Hasselback Potato Recipe Link here.
2) After the potatoes are prepped, get the fire going and get it really hot!
3) While it gets going, time to season the steaks…sprinkle with Kosher Salt and all sides, fresh cracked black pepper, and minced garlic.
4) Let the steak sit out on the counter for about 20 minutes at room temp. before it hits the grill.
5) While the steak sits, get the potatoes in the oven.
6) When the grill is super-hot (including the grates) put the steaks on.
***IMPORTANT FOR PRESENTATION: let the steak sit where you first put if for 90 seconds, then turn it about 90 degrees and sit for another 90 seconds. (this is a total of 3 minutes on each side)
7) Then flip to the other side and repeat.
8) Once you have done this, move the steak to a cooler side of the grill and close the lid for another 10-15 minutes of cooking over indirect heat. Internal temperature should be 130-135 for Medium rare, 135-145 for Medium. Over 145 degrees and the steak quality goes downhill fast!
9) Once you have reached the desired temp, remove from the grill and set on a plate inside and let it rest for 6-8 minutes. DON’T CUT INTO IT! Letting it sit allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat. Cutting into it early drains all the juice out and leads to a dry and less tender steak.
10) Add your side salad and Hasselback Potato and serve with a Makers Mark on the rocks, or a nice red wine…the crowd will be yours!

This is perfect medium...Cooked all the way through, but still pink and tender...

(cook times may very due to the grill you cook on) 

Barnyard Bad-Ass Burger

posted by Brian Rush

Barnyard Bad-Ass

Recipe Makes 8-10 1/2lb. burgers


Fuel and Tools: Charcoal Grilling


Stranglehold by Ted Nugent.
Award Tour by A Tribe Called Quest
When it Rains by The Eli Young Band

Cold Beverage:

Old Chub Scotch Ale from Oskar Blues Brewery, LLC purchased from Matador Meat and Wine of Plano, TX


Guys this recipe requires some left overs. For you BBQers that vacuum pack and freeze your leftover barbecue, here is a great way to use it and it adds amazing flavor to a great burger!  I call it the Barnyard Bad-Ass Burger because it has most of the barnyard in it.  And the Bad-Ass speaks for a few short minutes, you will know what I mean.  I grill on mesquite wood as often as possible as it give great flavor to grilled meat...I don't like mesquite for smoking, but grilling is an entirely different story.  As usual, I am cooking on my Good-Open Range with my Grill Grates.  Here is how to make the Barnyard Bad-Ass Burger...the best burger you'll ever eat!

  1. Rough-Chop up the defrosted rib meat, double smoked bacon, and brisket meat, white American Cheese and throw in the food processor until minced well. Add a 1/4 tsp of Worcestershire sauce to the mix.
  2. Combine the BBQ mixture with the ground beef and Italian sausage in a large bowl.
  3. Add the breadcrumbs, minced garlic, eggs, and a TBSP of Jack Stack All-Purpose rub and mix by hand being careful not to mash the meat too much. Mix gently but well.
  4. Form into palm-sized balls then flatten into burger patties.
  5. Set on parchment paper and put in the fridge for 1 hour. (set out for 15-20 minutes on the counter before putting them on the grill)
  6. Get your fire hot, and Grill Grates warmed up for about 30 minutes. When ready for meat, add a couple of Weber mesquite wood chunks to the fire and close lid.
  7. Put the Burgers on the grill and sear both sides for about 90 seconds.
  8. Put Patties into the smoker box (which should be about 350-400 degrees) and let sit at that temp for 16-20 minutes for a perfect medium.  Brush with Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauce 5 minutes before the patties are done. Add cheese slices the last 2 minutes.
  9. Let burgers sit for 6-8 minutes before serving so the juices can calm down and redistribute throughout the meat.
  10. Build your burger to your liking and it's gametime!
  11. EAT! oh just might be the best burger you've ever had!

(cook times may very due to the size of the patties and the grill you cook on)


Double Smoked Bacon

posted by Brian Rush

Pork chops are gooood, bacon is goooood...

said the great Vincent Vega.  And he was right!

BUT, Double Smoked Bacon is the best way to cook bacon!...Yes! Double...smoked...BACON! 

Are you one that pan fries bacon? Deep fry? Bake? No, Don't tell me you use the microwave. Just don't.  If you do that, keep it to yourself, and never do it again...and you should be ashamed of yourself for that type of animal cruelty.  And no, this will not help those who accept turkey bacon as a suitable substitute for the real deal. That's cruelty to the human taste buds.

No matter how you have always cooked it, try this the next time you want some of that glorious cured and sliced pork belly that we all call bacon. I get bored, and smoke everything that I can put on my rig, so why should bacon be the exception? It is natural, really...  What I like so much about this way of cooking bacon is the texture it gives to the meat. Double smoking gives it consistent texture across the entire slice.  It gets slightly crispy, easy to bite, and succulent.  The flavor from the rub and the extra smoke combined accent the flavor of the bacon in a way that you can't duplicate in any other way. AND, your house won't smell like bacon!  See, I'm teaching you how to eat more bacon and make your wife happy with the same you see why you should try this?  Sounds win-Win-WIN to me!

I cook at home on my Good-One Open Range Smoker. I use Good-One Lump Charcoal and 2 chunks of Weber Pecan Smoking Wood and 2 chunks of Weber Cherry Smoking Wood. I like the mix of those 2 flavors and the color it gives pork and beef products. I like to use a Chimney Starter to get the coals going.  Once my the smoker is warmed up and sitting about 250-275 degrees, it is ready for the bacon.  Use only thick sliced only.

Here is how to make the double smoked bacon:

  1. Get thick sliced bacon from you butcher or grocery store.
  2. Lay bacon out flat on a cookie sheet and
  3. Sprinkle lightly on both sides with John Henry's Pecan Rub or Three Little Pigs Touch of Cherry Rub.
  4. Let sit in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes while you get the smoker up to temperature
  5. When smoker is steady at 250-275 degrees and smoking wood is on he fire, lay the bacon on the smoker grates
  6. Let smoke for 1.5 to 2 hours until bacon is firm and burgundy colored.
  7. Let smoked bacon cool on wire rack for about 15 minutes, then eat!


You can also vacuum pack the double smoked bacon and freeze it so you can eat it whenever you want.  It keeps for weeks and it still great when eaten right out of the freezer or reheated.  I prefer it just barely defrosted on the counter for about 15-30 minutes.

Ahhh...Double smoked's GLORIOUS!

Meet The Premier Grilling Guys

posted by Mark Roos

We've all said it at one point in our adult working lives..."Take this job and shove it, I'm starting my own business!"  For whatever countless reasons, you sobered up, or your significant other explained your chances of success are between zero and no way, or you simply felt  that saying it was all it would take to make it happen...nevertheless, you're still working for the man.   Well, not so with three friends turned entrepreneurs Jason Mohl, Dan Ferguson and Brian Rush.  They are doing what most only pontificate about at a Hooters during happy hour on a Tuesday.

Premier Grilling was born out of sheer determination to create a unique outdoor living lifestyle company in July 2009.  Post "Financial Collapse" and pre "Hope and Change" the Premier Grilling Guys are currently operating a retail location in Plano, TX as well as a retail and design center for outdoor backyard kitchens in Frisco, TX.  With a standing segment called the Premier Grilling Guys, airing inside a new ABC television show Live, Love Laugh Today, the guys are poised to take Premier Grilling to the next level and if things go the way they think it will, a third retail location will be coming soon in late 2013 or early 2014.  So raise your glasses and keep your eyes and ears open because you're going to hear about Premier Grilling one way or another in the coming months and years.  Oh, and if you're in the market for a new BBQ grill or smoker, then make it point to visit the Premier Grilling Guys at either location.  Until next time, and as always when in doubt just grill it! 

1310 The Ticket Live at Premier Grilling!

posted by Brian Rush

Premier Grilling is having an event on Saturday September 15th!

When: Noon-3pm
Where: Our showroom at 7776 W. Main St. Frisco, TX 75033

We will have Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket doing a remote broadcast from our store on Saturday from noon to 3pm!  Join The Outdoor Kitchen Experts along with The Ticket's Alexis Smith and Ticket Chicks for a fun filled event!  Drawings, demos, special deals and more! 

What will be going on?

The Ticket Broadcast Team
Alexis Smith of The Ticket
Ticket Chicks and Promotions
Sports Tickets Giveaways
Weber Grill Giveaway
Special Event Deals
Products Demonstrations
and more!

If you have ever wanted to see some of your favorite grills and smokers in action, this is the day to do it!  We will have demonstrations of The Good-One Smokers, Twin Eagles Grills, Summerset Grills, TEC Grills, Epicoa Rotisserie Grills, Big Al's Rubs and Sauces, Three Little Pigs Rubs and Sauces and tons of BBQ Tools and accessories...don't miss this!

 Sports Radio, Grills, Smokers...sounds like fun to me!



The Best Smokers You Can Buy!

posted by Brian Rush

Do you want the best smoker that you can buy? 

Of course you do!  So, you owe it to yourself to take a look at these bad boys...

I've cooked on a lot of smokers, and I have to say that The Good-One Smoker and Grill stands in a class by itself when compared to the competition.  This cooker is superior in pit barbecue flavor, ease of use, cooking space, pedigree, storage area needed, value, and is a true set-and-forget smoking machine!  I have never met a person that purchased a Good-One Smoker and didn't love it!  I love my Open Range and I wouldn't trade it for anything...except maybe a Marshall or Rodeo

Chris Marks is the General Manager of Ace of Hearts BBQ Specialties, 8-Time American Royal Grand Champion, Jack Daniel’s Invitational Grand Champion, and winner of countless other BBQ competitions across the country.

BBQ is in his blood as Chris is a 3rd Generation BBQ cook.  His Good-One Smokers are the best barbecue smokers on the market today, and can help anyone from a beginner to accomplished barbecue cook to improve their BBQ skills! These pits are American made and very well priced...AND have massive cooking space...especially vs. the typical off-set smokers you will see around Texas. 

Find these amazing pit smokers and Chris's award-winning rubs & sauces(family recipies!) at Premier Grilling in Frisco, TX…YOUR BBQ HEADQUARTERS! Cook amazing BBQ at home with the Good-One Smokers and BBQ Pits!

Barbecues Galore - Frisco, Texas out of business

posted by Brian Rush

As of late October 2011, The Frisco Barbecues Galore retail store has closed it's doors for good.  It was located in the Stonebriar Mall area of Frisco, Texas, near Preston Road for several years and for some reason is no longer in business.

So what do all of you die-hard BBQ enthusiast do?  Don't worry, Premier Grilling has you covered for all the outdoor grilling and barbecue supplies and tools you need. 

Premier Grilling has many of the same brands and very knowledgeable sales staff to help you navigate the world of barbecue smokers, tools, sauces and rubs.  Find all the best bbq smokers, charcoal grills, and even the ceramic or kamado style grills (Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, and Saffire) and smokers on Main Street in Downtown Frisco, right by The Frisco Resale Center.

We also have top of the line stainless steel grills and appliances, some that Barbecues Galore had like: Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, U-line Outdoor Refrigeration, and Turbo, Turbo Elite, Grand Turbo, Fire Magic, American Outdoor Grill (AOG), and even other like: Viking, AlfrescoWeber GrillsSummerset, TEC Infrared Grills and more! 

If you are building an outdoor kitchen, Premier Grilling has every island component you can imagine.  We can design a full outdoor kitchen for you or set you up with a Do It Yourself modular island kit.

When it comes to outdoor living, Premier Grilling is the only name you need to know for quality stainless steel equipment, and award winning smokers!

Come see us at:
Premier Grilling
7776 W. Main Street
Frisco, TX 75033

Whole-EE Cow BBQ!

posted by Brian Rush

What a cool event!

Premier Grilling may have to have one of these!  These guys are doing a whole cow BBQ and doing it right!  This may sound easy but turning a 900lb steer over an open flame is no easy feat!

Check out Vaca y Vino coming soon!  On April 22, chefs Emmett Fox, Louis Lambert, and Larry McGuire will prepare an Argentine-inspired Texas feast, Vaca y Vino, at the Bridges Ranch in Wimberley, which includes four-course menu consisting of steer, empanadas, Shiner Beer, Argentine wine, escarole, potato salad, tres leches, and various other dishes.

See the whole article

Join The Paddy Dash BBQ Competition!

posted by Brian Rush

Join us!

The Paddy Dash 5K Run is on its 4th year and The BBQ Competition is the newest addition to this great charity event!  Paddy Dash benefits many local charities in Collin County, and this year we wanted to bring in some of the best local BBQers to spice it up!  The Paddy Dash BBQ Competition will be going on all throughout the day in conjunction with Paddy Dash and cooks will be allowed to start cooking right after the cooks meeting on Saturday Morning…around 8am.  There will be many other fun family activities including: bounce houses, silent auction, smoker raffle, product demonstrations, face painting, and more!  Proceeds will go to our great local and natrional charities listed below. 

BBQ Competition Details:

WHERE: FC DALLAS STADIUM (PIZZA HUT PARK) 9200 World Cup Way Frisco, TX 75033


***Special Note: Per Frisco Fire Marshall and city Ordinance, all smokers or grills must be outside of any tent. No Competition Cookers' tents may be larger than 10' X 10' without applying for a separate permit.


All entries must be made in advance.  Premier Grilling, Matador Meat and Wine, and FC Dallas or anyone related to the Paddy Dash committee are not responsible for accidents or injuries.

If you have any questions, call Brian at 469-342-3461 ext 101 or email at




These are our charities for this great event: